Measure the jewelry store not by the quantity of display cases, but by the quality of what’s in them. Goodman’s offers a boutique jewelry shopping experience, small and intimate yet bustling with visitors, so we are selective about the pieces in our display cases. That’s a good thing. It means jewelry that’s made the cut. It means high-quality stones, high-demand designs, and oh-so-lucky-to-find looks from both local artists and national designers like Hearts on Fire and Naledi. It means you will find plenty to love.

Our jewelry is a must-see part of the Downtown Madison shopping experience. Situated along State Street, the bustling pedestrian mall between the capitol and the University of Wisconsin, our store has broad clientele. Our fine jewelry pieces reflect their diversity—something for every budget, something for every style, and many pieces you won’t find elsewhere in the city.

Enjoy personalized help from jewelers in it for the love of jewelry. We realize not everyone in the market for jewelry is tickled pink about shopping for it. (Hello, gift-givers.) We work on quality relationships, not on commission, so we’re happy to give you personalized assistance. With an experienced jeweler to guide you, it is truly a simple pleasure to shop our jewelry selection, from pearls to sterling silver to one-of-a-kind custom pieces.

Looking for something beautiful to give or wear? Come see us today. Our breathtaking jewelry comes in conversation-making designs for all occasions.