April Showers Bring May Emeralds

Emerald_in_a_quartz_and_pegmatite_matrixMay does not disappoint the senses. You don’t have to look very far, not only to see, but to smell the beauty that May flowers produce. Even a hillside filled with dandelions is enough to lighten up your day. Take a minute to unwind on a calm evening and listen for the buzzing of the bumble bees in the nearest flower garden. Spring is a refreshing time filled with new life and long overdue outdoor time. Emerald, the gemstone for the month of May, certainly follows suit. Continue reading

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Mom, You’re the Best!

baby-momThere was something about her soft voice that would comfort you when you had a scraped knee or a bump on your head. When she would say, “come to Mom”, and then hold you in her arms, it was like permission to release your emotions and start to feel better. Even as we age, Moms continue to share the love that only they can give. Moms will talk you through difficult situations and offer the advice that is desperately needed. Continue reading

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Don’t Neglect Your Jewelry

Diamond BandThis time of year, colors are exploding! Not just in nature but all around. Outfits start to reflect the seasonal change and you might find yourself pulling out some jewelry that you only wear during the spring and summer season. We certainly love this time of year and all the beauty that blossoms but it’s very important to make sure you’re properly taking care of your jewelry. Continue reading

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Tax-Free Diamonds

We know that tax season is usually not the most exciting time of year. Even if you are getting a refund, you still have to get everything squared away. So for the whole month of round brilliant Cut Diamond Goodman's JewelersApril Goodman’s Jewelers will pay the taxes on any piece of jewelry that has a diamond.

Yep, ANY Jewelry Item with a Diamond…Tax-Free!

Diamonds are the birthstone of April so there couldn’t be a better time to take advantage of this tax free offer. How lucky are all those babies born in April? They get diamonds for their birthstone!

Birthstone or not it doesn’t matter.

If April is the month you’re going to bend your knee and get engaged, you won’t pay taxes! If you’re celebrating your anniversary, drop the taxes and pick up the perfect piece of jewelry!
At Goodman’s we know that buying diamonds can be a bit intimidating so we do things a little bit differently. We make sure our customers make informed choices about their diamond purchases. Knowledge is power and our highly trained jewelers will share all they know with you.

SA Sydney
Goodman’s has been the diamond store of Madison for generations. We’d like to think it’s because of our relaxed environment and our extensive collection of jewelry, including custom made if that’s what you’re looking for. April is a great time to head downtown as the winter leaves us and the Farmer’s Market opens. Swing by our State Street store when you’re in the area and take a look at our diamond collection!

So if it’s an engagement ring, wedding ring, men’s ring, anniversary gift, or bridal party gift, stop into Goodman’s and pick something up with a diamond in it, tax free, for the entire month of April.

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Spring into Jewelry

cherry-blossom-spring-JewelrySo many things are going to be changing this month. The snow is withering away, the days are getting longer and spring officially begins on the 20th. Maybe there has been a new relationship blossoming in your life that you’re ready to take to the next level, or perhaps you’re celebrating a special milestone. Whatever the occasion, Goodman’s Jeweler’s is all about celebration! Continue reading

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Intoxicating Amethyst

amethystWhen we think of a gem our minds jump towards a particular stone, maybe it’s the month you were born that comes to mind, or the one that is your favorite color. A cut and polished precious stone is the first definition in the dictionary but just beyond that is the deeper meaning. Something likened to or prized because of its beauty and worth. Now that really opens it up when we think about the gems in our life! Continue reading

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Saying I Love You

LoveNot every couple celebrates their love with a sappy quote. Sometimes it’s put best in your own special way. Simply said it does have great meaning but love is so vast, and so are the ways to profess it. How each person receives love is different as well. Saying “I love you” comes in many different forms… Continue reading

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The Great Day of Love-Valentine’s!

Valentines_dayPretty soon it will be inescapable, everywhere you look you’ll see the color red and everything you hear will be laced with talk about love. Valentine’s Day is coming! There will be countless offers for flowers, candies, and teddy bears but it’s quite possible that none of those things, on their own, will come close to the gift you’re looking to give. If the person you’re getting the Valentine’s gift for is so special, why not get a gift to match? Continue reading

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Unexpected & Brilliant Jewelry

Sure it’s a new year but what’s changed in your life? A lot of us are setting goals and making plans for the New Year but there are things that we can’t necessarily make happen. Maybe you’ve noticed that a relationship has already blossomed in your life that you weren’t even looking for. Love just has a unique way of working in our lives and we don’t always see it coming.engagement ring proposal Goodman's Jewelers Continue reading

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Jewelry Season is Year Round

eye_love_youSoon the holidays will come to a close, the bustle will begin to fade, and the everyday routines start back up. There is one thing that will continue to sparkle year round though, the gift of jewelry. When you take the time to search your heart and get a gift that reflects your love, it continues to grow. We love this time of year for so many reasons but most importantly because we get to hear about all of the wonderful stories behind the gifts. Continue reading

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