Our iconic jewelry store offers the finest in gemstone jewelry, from cocktail rings to bangles to mother’s pendants set with birthstones. Many customers are even buying colored gemstone engagement rings. If you can dream it, you can find it.

Some of the most popular jewelry in our store comes from the CỌLORE line. This line has a distinctive look that tells you it’s a CỌLORE, with high-quality gemstones set in sterling silver either with or without gold accents. CỌLORE is also known for offering the richest colors in the purest stones from around the world. There’s a CỌLORE piece for every taste and occasion. We invite you to look at the line or take the CỌLORE Find Your Color Quiz.

Most jewelry stores make an effort to share where and how their diamond jewelry is sourced—for example, whether it’s fair trade and conflict-free. You hear much less about gemstones, but not here at Goodman’s. In our jewelry store, we not only offer conflict-free diamonds but are also proud to offer Fair Trade gems from Columbia Gem House. These gemstones are brought from mine to market adhering to strict standards for environmental and social responsibility. You can truly buy with confidence and conscience.

There are a million reasons to give that special someone the gift of jewelry. And with gemstones, just because is always enough. Visit our store, and we’ll help you bring sparkle to that special someone—or even pamper yourself with something beautiful!

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Gemstone of the Month:

March’s Birthstone ~ Aquamarine

Like Emerald, Aquamarine is a variety of the mineral, beryl. Aquamarine evokes the colors of the sea; from deep green blue hues to light, slightly greenish blue. They are often free from inclusions and clear as water too, symbolizing purity of spirit and soul. Aquamarines make fantastic gemstones for evening wear because they glitter and glean even under mute light conditions.

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