Let us help you find a watch that fits both your taste and lifestyle.

Rado – Only the best materials are  approved to produce Rado watches. Hardness alone is not enough; innovation, durability and wearer comfort are just as important. Swiss made Rado watches are durable and extremely versatile; in shiny metallic and matte finishes of various colors shimmering smooth or ornate surfaces can be created.

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Tavannes Co. – Our fine Swiss watches include one of the oldest Swiss watchmakers, Tavannes Co., established in 1891 and with prices starting at $395.

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Victorinox – Our Swiss Army Collection by Victorinox provides affordable and current styling with Swiss quality.

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SEIKO – SEIKO is the world leader in energy-efficient watch making. By eliminating the need for battery change, watches with these technologies are more convenient to use and more friendly to the environment.

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PULSAR – PULSAR has found the path to success is with innovative design with universal appeal. PULSAR offers watch lovers an invitation to find within the PULSAR brand the watch that fits into their unique lives.

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BERING – BERING Inspired by the simple, rough and cool beauty of the Arctic and the vastness of the eternal ice, the idea arose to develop a watch brand, which is characterized by its simplicity and breathtaking beauty.

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We currently offer minor repairs, battery replacement, and band adjustments in-store. Any major watch work is sent out for estimate and repair.